December 17, 2017

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UK and EU to Start Brexit Complicated 2 Years Negotiation Process

The European Union (EU) and the British government have been in a state of conflict since Britain declared the start of negotiations on the Brexit.

Britain immediately clashed with Germany and the European Parliament, the biggest powers in the EU. Prime Minister Teresa May was rejected in a letter to the Brexit negotiations, suggesting future discussions, including the UK and EU trade agreements.

Major European countries, including Germany and France, and the European Parliament have agreed that negotiations on future relations will be possible after the Brexit negotiations have been smoothly concluded.

In a six-page letter to the EU, Mr. May urged the two sides to discuss a new future relationship, but little has been mentioned about the EU ‘s financial burden of billions of euros.

The EU claims that Britain must pay 60 billion euros for the breck sheet to be achieved. Both sides are expected to hit again on this issue.

In addition, over the next two years, the rights of both citizens living in the UK and the EU and the freedom of the Northern Ireland-Ireland border crossing and security cooperation will become major issues.

“The length of the Brexit negotiations is likely to be very high,” according to AFP, a Brussels-based think tank European Policy Center researcher, Nancy Emmanuelidis.

“The request of the British government is only a hope,” he said, referring to a new EU relationship within the next two years.

“If Britain does not agree on a future relationship with the EU, it will be a serious matter if it does not end the negotiations,” said Ignacio Molina, a spokesman for the think tank in Spain, Real Instructor El Cano.

However, it is argued that the British government is taking a more or less emotional stance on the main issue of the Brexit.

Katherine Bernard, professor of EU law at Cambridge University, said, “It is surprising that Mr. May has been holding an agreement early on with the rights of one million people in the UK and one million people in the EU.”

Professor Bernard said, “Negotiations after the Breksheet negotiations could be much more difficult.”

If the UK and the EU fail to reach a trade agreement or a transitional agreement on the issue, the two sides will appeal to the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Concerns over European security concerns arise as the EU, which is the largest military power in the EU and a nuclear power, can not actively pursue security cooperation with the EU unless the Brexit negotiations are pursued.

“The failure to agree on security can weaken cooperation in combating terrorism and crime,” Mei said in a letter to the permanent chairman of the EU summit, Donald Tusk.

“One thing is certain: the more permanent summit of the EU leaders will continue,” said Jonathan Ile, a researcher at Royal United Services in London. “We will see more drama and diplomats on the red carpet,” he said. .