December 15, 2017

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Truckstop with Made in Germany the charts!

After the predecessor album (men are so) climbed up to position 15 in 2015, the current Longplayer Made in Germany is in no way inferior, and goes straight to position 23 in the “Official German Charts” (determined by GfK Entertainment). The band – Teddy Ibing, Uwe Lost, Knut Bewersdorff, Andreas Cisek, Chris Kaufmann and Tim Reese – underline their exceptional position in the field of country music from German countries. It is all the more surprising that this has been achieved without a big Saturday evening show – proverbial TV presence. Autogrammstundeentour, Radiopromo and interviews were sufficient for a front top 30 placement. Hats off!

Also in the history “before” Truck Stop 2.0 in a new cast, the band never succeeded with their albums so high into the charts. Nearly 35 years ago, the truck stop has been so successful in the charts. “Men are so” and “Made in Germany” are among the most successful studio albums in the history of Truckstops. They are thus, despite all the unknowns, with their music arrived in the present – and this is stronger than ever expected. Congratulations to Telamo and of course to the six guys of Truck Stop!

Truck Stop – Made in Germany: The album

Album title: Made in Germany

Artist: Truck Stop

Date of issue: 7 April 2017

Label: Telamo

Distribution: Warner

Running time: 49:27 Min.

Format: CD & Digital

Tracks: 14

Genre: Country

Tracklist: (Truck Stop – Made in Germany)

01. Made in Germany

02. I watch the game, sweetheart

03. A dog without a real name

04. Mama makes a career

05. Would be, would have

06. If you are looking for someone

07. When men break hearts

08. Neighbors

09. Because you are

10. I do not have a plan

11. Not the type

12. Without women like you

13. Get out of my head

14. Last stop