December 17, 2017

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How to Enjoy Nordic Trip Wisely

Scandinavia, which is considered as a roman, is a place that has a different charm from Western Europe and Eastern Europe. Tranquil cities with their own spaciousness, of course, retain a pure natural landscape, making them a destination that attracts tourists from all over the world.

People who have a lot of travel experience are encouraged to go to Northern Europe at least once in their lifetime. You can feel the healing out of your daily life in the city where beauty and charming charm of restrained aesthetics stand out. Let’s go to the attractive cities of Finland and Sweden, which are essential courses in Nordic travel.

The city of forest and lake Helsinki is Finland’s representative city, and is filled with Nordic sensibility. Start your journey from the harbor right next to the National Theater, one of Helsinki’s most romantic buildings, to the train station square. In the heart of Helsinki is a lively atmosphere built in the late 19th century and early 20th century.

Walking along the main shopping street, Aleksanterinkatu, to the main square of the city, you will find the magnificent Helsinki Cathedral, built in 1852, when Finland was part of the Russian Empire, in the central square of the square.

If you want to admire the beautiful view of Helsinki, go up to the terrace of the beautiful Orthodox cathedral, Uspenski Cathedral. If you want to experience local culture, there will be no market place. In the fish market where fruits are traded daily from fresh vegetables, snacks are also available. If you are concerned about the Nordic waters, it is a wise way to solve a meal in these places.

It is about 45 minutes by car from Helsinki and is the second oldest city in Finland. Even if you take a picture from any angle, you can bring the comfort and cozyness of Northern Europe. The beautiful and artistic Old Town is the number one domestic travel destination loved by locals.

Although it is not a coastal city, it is connected to the Finnish Gulf Sea through the Poros River, which passes through the red coastal houses, the most famous landmark in Porvoo. Let’s enjoy the true relaxation of the houses and yachts along the river.

From April when the weather improves, it is common to see people riding along the riverside. Bicycles are rented at various information desks throughout the city.

If you want to see the lives of the citizens, I recommend visiting Tampere (Tampere). Finland’s third largest city, with slightly more than 5 million inhabitants, 220,000 of whom live in Tampere. When you enter Tampere city which is a representative industrial city, you can feel the essence of Northern Europe by filling the buildings, churches, concert halls, etc. with charming but neat buildings.

First of all, Tampere is worth visiting if you are a fan of Moomin in Moomin Art Exhibition Hall in June. Moomin is a national character with Finnish emotion, and those who visit since June will meet cute Moomin at the newly opened Moomin House.

If you are sick of touring around Helsinki, go to Stockholm. Called the most beautiful capital in the world, Stockholm is a must-see city in Northern Europe. It is a mild climate from April to June and slowly grows from day to day. It is the best from June to September to travel in cooler weather. Take a quick tour of the gardens and well-organized major sightseeing spots by tasting Swedish food that is simply cooked with fresh ingredients.

If you are an anxious traveler from Helsinki to Stockholm, do not worry. You can travel from Helsinki to Stockholm by plane and cruise. If you want a more reasonable trip, I recommend a cruise. If you use an airplane, it will cost you more than 100 euros and will add up to the cost of your stay.

When traveling on a cruise, the estimated total cost is only 50,000 won, which is about four times cheaper than using an airplane. In addition, you can enjoy a leisurely buffet on duty, shopping at duty free shops, and enjoy the night view of Northern Europe. You can travel comfortably in Helsinki and Stockholm by using the Tallinn Ksielain line, which departs every evening and arrives the following morning.