December 15, 2017

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Germany’s Next Top Model: This scene could be a real evil

You would be quite dizzy, said Heidi Klum. With loud tongues and hot scenes.

Watching TV with sensitivity was simply bad at the, as Heidi Klum said, the hottest shoot of the current “GNTM” starry: the “lingerie shoot”.

It went off quite harmlessly. The “girls” had (accidentally the cameras were directed at them) only once with Skype their friends carefully prepare them that they would equal themselves with little clad “male models” together. The sweethearts should not be jealous, please! It would be all professionally too!

“Dessous-Shooting” on the carnival car

What then happened had less to do with professionalism than with degradation. Because Heidi Klum had once again thought of something very special. The traditional “lingerie shoot” was to take place this time on a kind of carnival car, a truck, on the loading area of which a large bed was built. On top of that, the girls dressed in lace and strapless stockings should be lolling with a male model, also dressed only with the most necessary.

All this, according to Heidi Klum, should not happen, as usual, on an abandoned industrial site, but on the street. While the truck was rolling through Los Angeles.

The girls came along. Turned out. They were looking for one of the two models. Stared with him on the mattress. And they went.

“Get up on him!” The photographer exclaimed

The car rolled. The models came very close. Anh called: “He just kissed my breasts!” Fashion photographer John Rankin conducted the camera. The British photographer with an international reputation, very bad mood and the sound of a predator, heated the girls. “Get up on him!” He shouted. And: “You’re so boring!”

And whoever did not obey him could see what he got from it. Brenda, for example, the exceedingly beautiful 23-year-old, who was always acclaimed with her walks and poses. After the shoot, she had to tell Rankin that she was not a model.

Is a woman just a model when she drops all inhibitions? When she submits to all commandos? When she is ready to stretch the butt in the sky of Los Angeles in a touch of lace with a man unknown to her? Sex to play? The hands of the stranger everywhere? The mouth at her breasts? On a moving bed? Past dripping gaffers who comment on the performance with corresponding expressions? On car drivers who are so irritated that they collide? “Bums”, as it was so beautiful in the media reactions was called? Do girls have to humiliate themselves like this?

Heidi Klum five times cloned Heidi Klum has organized her Halloween party in New York for the 17th time. Like every year, she also had a very special costume. Heidi came as herself – but she was not alone. Source: The World

Certainly not. After all, they are hardly concerned about a career in cheap sex strips or as a nude model. On the catwalks and in the magazines, however, they are asked to radiate individuality and authenticity.

Heidi Klum knows this. It is all the more unfair to take advantage of the naivete of young women, who are apparently willing to do everything for their dream of model life. Also their dignity.